Policies and Procedures System

A join-the-dots, 'here is how we do things at our salon' rulebook for the 'no-brainer' running of a beauty or hair salon

  • The WOW factor
  • Professional expectations
  • Quote sheets
  • Rosters, annual leave
  • Salon targets
  • and so much more!

Click on the link below to download the contents page of this module, so you can see what's exactly in the system...

Staff Management System

For the salon owner's eyes only, this is a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know to hire, motivate and dazzle your staff

  • How to manage a team
  • Advertising for staff
  • How to hire staff
  • Incentive ideas and templates
  • Creating the right salon culture
  • and so much more!

Click on the link below to download the contents page of this module, so you can see what's exactly in the system...

The Staff Training Manual

Checklists, worksheets, consultation sheets, client preparation, how to greet clients, book appointments, time allocations, the works

  • Greeting clients
  • Manage bookings
  • Hair/Skin diagnosis
  • Preparing clients
  • Time allocations
  • and so much more!

Click on the link below to download the contents page of this module, so you can see what's exactly in the system...



  • Audio CD Tutorials, checklists, contracts, forms, guidelines and more, all on CD!
  • A BONUS Owner & Staff Sales Training full-day Bootcamp with Julie Piantadosi herself – the ‘Tabatha’ of the Australian Hair & Beauty Industry!

Here’s what other salon & spa owners are saying about the Total Salon Solutions system:

  • I bought Julie's system last year & I found it very helpful in so many ways."

    Jenny Coleman, Snipz Hair Salon, Cairns QLD

From the desk of Greg Milner,
Owner and co-founder, Worldwide Salon Marketing

Wednesday, 2.25pm.

Dear frustrated, scared, anxious, over-worked Salon Owner,

Do you find yourself lying awake at 3am, staring at the ceiling, terrified of what you’ll find when you arrive at the salon in the morning?

Too scared to take a day off because you’re afraid the business will fall over like a fragile pack of cards unless you’re there all day every day to prop it up?

In other words,

Are you running your salon, or is your salon running you?

All day every day, I and my staff talk to salon owner after salon owner, all over the world. And this is what we hear, ALL THE TIME:

“I just can’t get my staff to do what I want them to do….” Or “Why oh why is it so difficult to get good staff?” Or “It drives me NUTS – I’m working like a slave today because two of my staff sent me a text message at 10 o’clock last night saying they’re sick and won’t be in today…ARRRGH!!!”

Well, here’s the

Awful Truth

You simply CANNOT manage people. It’s like trying to herd cats. You can only manage SYSTEMS. And if you have systems, the people manage themselves.

It's true.

This is not meant to sound condescending, but staff are like children. Your other children. And, like children, they need boundaries, guidelines, systems to work within.

In fact – and you’ll know this if you have children yourself – they actually work better, are happier and more productive, when they’re forced to fit within comfortable, comforting, ‘no-brainer’ systems. Routines.

Imagine for a moment, you suddenly find yourself stranded in the desert, no civilization for miles and miles, no signposts, roads or any other aids. Nothing to tell you what to do next

You’d be confused, right? Right. Disoriented, anxious, unsure of where to go or how to get there. So you’d blunder around for a while, and eventually, you might find your way out of trouble. But oh, how much easier it would be if you could just get on with your job without having to worry about making decisions on things that

should already have been made for you!

“But…but…but….!” I hear you say.

Yeah, I know. You’re too busy to put together a comprehensive systems and procedures manual. Too busy... making money, working like a slave, trying to motivate the staff, trying – and probably failing – to get them RUNNING THE PLACE LIKE YOU DO!

And if you’re even half-way motivated as a business owner (as against a mere technician) you’ve probably attempted, maybe even started, to put together a proper, well-documented Policies and Procedures system.

But it’s hard. Knowing where to start, knowing what to include and what to leave out, knowing how much to include…

And that’s just thinking about it. Then you have to actually sit down at the computer and

Write the damn thing!

But you know, deep down, that you need it – for your own sanity, as much as for the health of the business, and your entire financial future.

SYSTEM is one of my favourite words.

Systems make you free. Having systems in your business means you can concentrate on growing and nurturing the business, marketing the business, in other words – doing the actual job of the business owner. Not slaving away servicing clients. Not juggling grumpy staff who don’t turn up, turn up late, arrive looking like something the cat’s dragged in…

Here's the GOOD NEWS!

Imagine having – at your fingertips – the entire

Policies & Procedures, Staff Management, and
Staff Training

system that runs Julie Piantadosi’s entire empire of salons across Australia and the USA???

Before I go on, let me tell you a little about Julie.

At age 13, Julie decided she wanted to be a hairdresser. She pleaded with her parents, and eventually, they allowed her to leave school at the minimum age and take an apprenticeship.

Julie was ambitious. By age 19, she owned her own salon. Absolutely zero idea about how to run a business, but the salon was going gangbusters.

She thought it was easy. The money comes in, she takes it out of the till and spends it….heck, how hard can this be? Oh, a small matter of keeping some aside for TAX.

By age 21, Julie was bankrupt, and out of business. But she learned some lessons.

Today, she owns an EMPIRE of hair and beauty salons across NSW, Victoria and the United States, employing over FIVE HUNDRED STAFF. She’s in demand by product companies as an advisor and coach, and speaks to audiences of literally hundreds of people at a time in Australia, Europe, the USA, New Zealand, even China.

And she’s a regular speaker, trainer and motivator at Worldwide Salon Marketing’s ‘Salon Profit Secrets’ seminars across Australia and New Zealand.

Finally, after months of negotiations, Julie has signed an agreement with Worldwide Salon Marketing to distribute a brand new, updated and revised edition of the Policies and Procedures system that runs her entire salon network.

Here’s just a partial list of what’s in the Total Salon Solutions system…

First, the Policies and Procedures manual:

  • Start of the day and end of the day procedures
  • Managers roles
  • Wages
  • Bonus
  • Allowance
  • Sick leave
  • Staff contracts
  • Staff training
  • Trial periods
  • Total stock control
  • Mystery shopper letter and questionnaire
  • Quote sheets
  • Rosters, annual leave, written warnings
  • Client release form
  • Gift certificates
  • Salon targets
  • Work experience checklists
  • Staff appraisal sheets
  • Rebooking
  • Professional expectations
  • The WOW factor - what is the WOW factor? How to create is for your salon or spa

Click here to download the Contents Pages of the Policies and Procedures Manual

Then there’s the Staff Management Manual:

(This manual is for the salon owner's eyes only!)

A step by step guide on everything you need to motivate, dazzle, and inspire your team.

  • A sure guide to managing a team no matter how small or large.
  • How to find great staff and keeping them!
  • Advertising for staff.
  • The “ins” and “outs” to hiring staff.
  • Everything you need to know about apprentices and traineeships.
  • Loads of staff incentive ideas and templates.
  • How to motivate your staff – without money.
  • How to conduct powerful and productive staff meetings
  • What to do when your top stylist or therapist leaves.
  • Salon culture – what is salon culture and how to create it.
  • Evaluation sheets for staff and salon owners!
  • Complete guide to job description in the hair or beauty industry.

Click here to download the Contents Pages of the Staff Management Manual

And the comprehensive Staff Training Manual:

  • Greeting clients
  • Booking appointments
  • Professional expectations during service
  • Consultation sheets and templates
  • Professional opinion policy forms
  • Correction appointments
  • Preparing the client for treatment
  • Hair diagnosis
  • Skin diagnosis
  • Correct sterilisation
  • Time allocations
  • A complete checklist and work sheets for step by step technical training for your salon or spa.

This manual will ensure your team will be inspired and trained in your salon while learning the latest skills. A complete step by step guide to training your team your way.

Click here to download the Contents Pages of the Staff Training Manual


CD Tutorials, document templates, interviews, actual ‘how-to’ instruction on implementing these systems, plus Julie’s own energetic, enthusiastic, motivating talks on getting things done!









Listen in to these brief excerpts from Julie’s CD Tutorials and you’ll get a taste of Julie’s inspirational enthusiasm and ‘take-no-prisoners’ approach…

How Much?

Simple really. You have FOUR choices.

Choice #1: Sit down at a blank computer screen and start writing yourself. With no distractions, you might be able to cobble together a half-way decent Policies and Procedures system of your own in say…oh, maybe six months. (And still have bits missing.)

Choice #2:Go and find somebody who’s prepared to come into your business, take extensive notes, spend hours and hours of your time and theirs, and write your Policies and Procedures system for you. Mmmm….a minimum of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. (Interesting note: a few years ago, I did exactly that for my business. It cost me $12,500!)

Choice #3: do absolutely nothing. Keep trying to run your business just as you are now, ad hoc, re-inventing the wheel every day, running yourself ragged. Herding cats.

Choice #4: Bite the bullet. Order the done-for-you Total Salon Solutions system now for just

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1 payment of $1,497

(save $500!)

And have your complete system, in your hands, within 72 hours!


Your Zero-Risk, No-Questions-Asked 100% 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Use the Total Salon Solutions System for up to 30 days. In the unlikely event you’re not completely ‘sold’ on its value, simply return it to our office in re-salable condition, and we’ll refund every cent (less $97 shipping)


Still not convinced?

How would you like to have Julie Piantadosi herself actually train your staff, in person?

That’s right, you’ll get to attend – with ALL your staff – Julie’s sensational

One-day ‘Salon Owner & Staff Sales and Motivational BOOTCAMP’!

You and your staff will be exhausted, exhilarated, fired up and prepared to rule the world after a day with the ‘Hair & Beauty Dynamo’ herself.

Normally attendees at these Bootcamps pay $195 per head – but as the owner of Total Salon Solutions, you get to attend – with as many staff as you wish to bring along – for


(For Australian and New Zealand buyers only)

As soon as you order your Total Salon Solutions system, you’ll be advised of dates and venues for the Bootcamps. (They’re held throughout Australia and New Zealand)

Dedicated to your salon success,

Greg Milner
CEO Worldwide Salon Marketing Pty Ltd
106A Cambridge St, Leederville WA 6007
Phone +61-8-93816621
Fax +61-8-93889630

PS: Er, you’re not risking anything here. You have 30 days to use the entire system, and if you’re not happy, I want you to send it back, and we’ll give refund you every cent (apart from the initial shipping charge)

PPS: Got questions? Easy. I’ll answer them for you, personally. Just call my office on 08 9381 6621. If I’m not in, leave a message and I’ll call you back.